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The Innovation Edge application process involves 3 steps. Before applying, please ensure that you have read through the section on ‘what ideas we support’ and please consider our ‘open source’ preference. Applications are welcome at any time.

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Initial application – Interested innovators are invited to complete an initial application form using the standard template provided 'here'. In addition to the form, applicants are encouraged to submit a video (maximum 3 minutes) or slide deck (max 6 slides) as an optional addition to support the application. At this stage, we are unfortunately only able to accept the completed application form (and slide deck) in English but the video may be recorded in any one or more of the 11 official South African languages.Applicants with the most promising innovations will be contacted for further information as part of Step 2.


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Full Application – Selected applicants with promising innovations that fit the requirements of the Innovation Edge will be invited to submit additional information. Questions will be tailored to the particular characteristics and stage of development of each project and will include information required for due diligence.Applications are reviewed by the Innovation Edge International Advisory Group and the Investment Committee.


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The final stage in the application process involves the drafting of the funding agreement between the DG Murray Trust (as the legal entity for the Innovation Edge) and the applicant. The terms of the agreement vary for different types of innovations and are subject to conditions laid out in the contracts between the funding partners.


If you would like to apply to the Innovation Edge for support, complete the initial application form online or download it and return via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please inspire us … briefly

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